Coretan Terbaru KakakeciK

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Broadband SKMM Maxis


Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang…



wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lepas nie memalam pun kakakecik dah boleh online, kakakecik dah ada broadband skmm maxis…pagi tadi beli…nie baru guna..kira nya 1st entry menggunakan broadband skmm la…


takde la boring sangat kan kakakecik bila cuti dan malam..adik pun boleh jugak guna…siang2 tinggal kat umah bagi adik guna…memalam kakakecik la guna….


alhamdulillah line pun ok..biru…



pssst : kakakecik beli terus kat maxis centre…so takde la mahal sangat macam beli kat online..pastu modem ambik yang abang ipar punya..jangan nanti dia pun nak beli simkad nie…..jenuh….xpe mintak dengan adik ipar lak…jimat duit kakakecik kan..


Muslimah Optimis said... [Reply]

boleh lah kita skype malam2 kan kak.. heheh.. jimat kredit..

Norfa said... [Reply]

Wah ada dekat center? bagus.. maxis lagi ok dari celcom..celcom dah kena limit..

Mat Gebu said... [Reply]

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa......datinn...advance gitu....

:sour n sweet: said... [Reply]

baru terpikir nk beli gak..huhu...
ok ke?kat ne nk beli topup dy?ke guna tpup mxis cam biasa?

IBU GEBU said... [Reply]

coverage ok ke?

kiera'sakura said... [Reply]

dapat dah skmm selkom pnye.. hihihi

Lan said... [Reply]

bestnye...harge bpe ye?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

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